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Celebrity Black Short Hairstyles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 22, 2009

The good thing about short, black hair is that they are almost fuss-free, its low maintenance and it is pretty much easy to style. No matter which cut it is that you have, as long as your hair does not reach your shoulder-level, then there are plenty of elegant, sassy (and professional) designs you can wear.

Medium And Short Long Hair StylesBut what it you want to recreate the red carpet look that your favorite Hollywood celebrity has worn to a particular event? Or how about if you’re looking for a particular cut or style that you can easily transform from daytime to nighttime wear?

To give you an idea, take a look at our list of black short hairstyles which are favored by famous Hollywood celebs – singers, actresses, musicians and pop icons.

Our Top Celebrity Black Short Hairstyles

All you need to do is browse through celebrity blog sites or flip through magazines and you will already have an idea about which hair styles are favored by Hollywood celebs. What makes patterning your look after a celebrity is that it will be easier for your stylist to use the same cut or style on your black hair.

In addition, you can gauge if the same cut will suit you by deciding whether the shape of the face of the celebrity wearing the cut that you want is the same as yours. Now, here are the top black short hairstyles worn by top Hollywood celebrities that you can try out for yourself.

Rihanna’s Bob

If there’s one celebrity who you can use as a model for a variety of black short hairstyles, that is none other than singer Rihanna. When she first burst into the music scene, she was wearing a sleek, straight and ultra-shiny short Bob. You can still get the same ultra-sheik design today by allowing your stylist to update the Rihanna Bob and make it suitable for the shape of your face.

Today, however, Rihanna is sporting a variety of shorter variations – where she has a geometric version of a pixie cut which perfectly frames the lines of her face.

Halle Berry’s Sophisticated, Sexy & Fun Cuts

The classic black short hairstyles sported by none other than gorgeous Hollywood star Halle Berry is something that you can easily imitate. You can take your pick from the super-short cuts that she has worn in the past, and style them either straight or curly.

Chandra Wilson’s Short Curls

This Grey’s Anatomy star is sporting a cut which she wears straight on the show. On red carpet events, however, Chandra wears them in an elegant style of short curls – perfect for when you have a hot date or attending a red-carpet-like event for charity or for your office.

Fantasia’s Rock-Chic Party

If you have super-short hair like Fantasia, you can style your locks in such a way that you’ll have a rock-chic look – just make sure that you have plenty of mousse handy!


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The Essence of Glamour – Trendy Hair Styles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 16, 2009

IT is a complete fallacy that any person looks best in short hair, long hair, or medium-length hair. Any length can be becoming to you. What you must recognize is the limitations of each hair length, what hair styles can be worn with hair of that length, and if you will be happy within the limitations. There is a vast array of trendy hair styles which may suit you.

Sexy Long Hair StylesLet us suppose you choose shoulder-length hair. You could probably wear it in a pony tail, a pageboy, a chignon, an upsweep, or almost any kind of back-interest hairdo. If these were the things you wanted to do with your hair, then it would be a fine choice of length. But if you wanted the long hair to be worn in a poodle, or to make it appear short and forward in any way, it would obviously be impossible.

In deciding on the hair length you want, you must of course consider its texture and degree of curl. You realize that if in the case cited above the wearer’s hair is perfectly straight, she will need a permanent for practically all of the hairdos mentioned, except the pony tail and perhaps the chignon. Therefore if she wanted long hair but did not want to have a permanent, she would have to settle for the pony tail and forgo the others.

If you should choose medium-length hair, the way you wear it will be determined by the cut. For instance, if you wanted to wear it fluffy about the face, in most cases this would mean the very front ends would have to be cut a good deal shorter than the rest. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the front ends and curling them up tightly to make them appear short.

This point about cutting would apply to any length regardless of its over-all appearance which might at first glance indicate that “She wears her hair long” or “Her hair is medium-length.”

There is always a combination of several lengths. This, incidentally, is the way you achieve naturalness, because such a hairdo can be simply brushed into place, eliminating the need for setting it in pin-curls or fastening it with barrettes or bobby pins.

You may have been going along up to now on the assumption that your physical type or some other factor restricts you to wearing your hair in one length only. A little thought should convince you that there is no such thing as looking best in long hair or short. Just remember that the proper lines in any one of the many trendy hairstyles available can favor your face and features, regardless of the length of the hair.

To illustrate this point, imagine one model in two or more hairdos. This should prove my contention that there need be no restrictions as to hair length or style, no matter what type of face or features you have.

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