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Hairstyles For Oblong Faces

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 20, 2009

When you look at the mirror, you want to believe that you have the perfect oval face. But when you copy the hairstyles that look good on oval faces, you end up with something that is far from perfect. Perhaps you do not have an oval face. You may in fact have an oblong face.

A Great Asian Long Hair StylesWhat is an Oblong Face Shape?

The oblong face looks almost like an oval face but it is characterized by a face length that is longer than ideal. The ideal face length, which is the distance from the hairline to the tip of the chin, should be one and one-half times longer than the length across the widest part of the face. This ideal face length can be found in the oval face shapes. If the face length is longer, then the face shape is already considered oblong.

The oblong face is not ideal for many hairstyles, but it does not sentence your hair to a lifetime of unflattering hairstyles. In fact, it is very possible to look gorgeous and stunning with your oblong face. Think of Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Niki Taylor, Stephanie Seymour, and Gabrielle Reece. All that you need to do to accentuate an oblong face is get an appropriate and flattering hairstyle. A hairstyle, of course, is a personal choice and should reflect a woman’s unique personality. But there are some rules to follow for the oblong face.

Rules for the Oblong Face

Bobs and layers will look great on the oblong face. But the first thing to remember is that the hairstyle should never add length to the oblong face. This means that extra long hairstyles, such as those that end beyond the shoulders, should be avoided. Short bobs are preferable to long bobs. But then you probably saw Gwyneth Paltrow wearing hair that goes beyond the shoulder. She looked adorable. The truth is that Gwyneth has one or more hairstylists who fuss with her hair at every instance. They keep her hair at an ideal volume so Gwyneth’s hair stays stunning. For women like us who can’t hire a hairstylist on a retainer, the key to an attractive hairstyle is to keep the hair shorter.

Unfortunately, not all short hairstyles will look good on the oblong face. Short hairstyles that add height to the head, such as the pixie crop and the spiky hair, will only make the oblong face look longer. The recommended short hairstyles are those that add volume to the sides of the face, to restore a more desirable balance. These short hairstyles should have layers and may end in sassy flicks. The chin-length bob that caress the jaw line will also look gorgeous.

And lastly, the best hairstyles for the oblong face are those that come with bangs. Bangs that are soft and wispy will give the illusion of shorter face lengths. And if the jaw is strong, the bangs will make the face look more feminine. For a daring look, the brow-skimming bangs will be great on the oblong face. Most styles of bangs are recommended for the oblong shape, as long as they do not add vertical lines to the face. Lastly, if you have the time to spend a couple of hours at the salon, you may want to try having wavy curls.


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Latest Hairstyles For A Trendy & Young Look

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

There are various hairstyles to look younger and trendy. In order to flaunt a hip and sassy appearance this summer, you should follow the latest trends. It is always advisable to know your face type before choosing the best hairdo. Oval shaped face is considered to be the most versatile one. You can wear any look with this type of face.

Layered Long Hair StylesLatest Hairstyles For Trendy & Young Look

* Hairstyle trends keep on changing but some classic haircuts such as chic bob cut and long and wavy styles will stay forever. Well, it is very important to change your appearance with a new haircut every season. A good haircut can totally change your overall appearance. It can add drama as well as it can be subtle at times.

* Hairstyles to look younger always focus on subtle and chic cuts. They are mostly elegant styles. You can easily attain a fresh look this season by flaunting a short spike on the top hairdo. It is touted to be the most trendy and hip hairdo. You will appear ultra glamorous in any attire. It can be also regarded as the haircut for the future.

* You can also try punk haircut, this haircut need lots of attitude. It is always advisable to blend soft colors. You can mix pink, green, yellow and white colors to make it appear perfect. It is mostly suitable for fashionable collegers.

* Well, if you want to keep your look subtle, then you can try short and curly hairstyle. It will highlight your features such as eyes and chin and make you younger than your age.

* If you are craving for a feminine appearance this season, you can try classy long and wavy look. It is the best haircut for long face.

* All fashion trends are moving towards the Gothic glamour. Gothic fashion is touted to be hot. In order to attain a electrifying look this season, you should flaunt a short and straight look. Your eyes should be painted properly for achieving the correct style.

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