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New Trends In Hairstyles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 27, 2009

A new season, new trends and – of course – new hairstyles.

Long Spiky Hair StylesFashion Week put the spotlight on the some great looks for the new season, with super-long lengths and pixie-style bobs leading the runway. Look forward to layers, razor cut bobs, and blunt bangs to freshen up for the season.

“Short hair is the biggest trend of the new cold season” – many have said that short haircuts are both convent and empowering to women.

Plus if you’re trying to look younger, short hairstyles will help you achieve your goal.
You can create new looks with texturizing your bangs, maybe you want them straight across, or side sweeping them. You can also play up the style with layers to make other areas of your face either stand out, or minimize them.

Blunt bangs are especially flattering for round and square face shapes, and can help balance out high cheekbones. Go for blunt bangs cut just over the eyebrow level for a modern, sophisticated look. These can easily be swept to the side if you decide to change up the style at a moment’s notice.

Medium hairstyles offer comfortable hair length that is not too long and not too short.
From letting it flow down, bunning it up, to curling up the ends, mid-length hairstyles offer a variety of beautiful hairdos.

If you’re looking to try a new haircut, (or to go a bit shorter) the bob is (still!) a hot hairstyle. Even those who choose to keep their waves and curls will opt for more controlled and cleanly-defined tresses.

As long as you love it!

Yes, long hair remains in top. Stick straight, or curly. With blunt or peek-a-boo bangs, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s… long!

Furthermore long hair seems to make a comeback with really nice natural wave with a little bit of volume to it, so the hair is very light, very understated, nothing too over-the-top-just kind of sexy, but controlled and nice and light.

You’re tresses should have lots of natural texture, flirtatious flips and long loose layers whether your hairstyle is straight, wavy or curly.

Still very classic, but also beautiful, are the chignons and ponytails on long or medium long tresses.


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Prom Updo Hairstyles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 22, 2009

How can I get that classy updo prom or formal hairstyle? First you need medium to long length hair. You will also need some ponytail holders, gel, and long pins. The trick to getting your updo to look its best is to use several of these pins in different directions to hold your hair in place. Don’t rely on too much hair gel as this just makes your hair stiff. You want your hair to be able to withstand the humidity, but also to be touchable by your date.

Hair Styles For GirlYou want your curls to be loose. The looser and bigger the curls, the cuter you will look. First, pull your hair up, use some baby powder to add fullness and then tease your hair. Other looks are more classic, like the French Twist. You have to slick back your hair with gel. Part it on the side and pull the hair down. You may need the help of a hair rat. No, not a real rat. You can get this at a beauty supply store. It will help you pull your hair down if you have real smooth hair. You will still need lots of long pins.

Starting with just straight hair, you can use large curlers to get those nice big curls. Once you have them, you can position them in place on top of your head, towards the back. You don’t want your hairstyle to make your face look too long, unless you have a round face, and then it will help balance your geometry. You can use shine serum to give you that sleek sophisticated look. Be sure to use plenty of pins, flexible hairspray, not the max hold kind, and gel if you need it.

Experimentation before prom will be the key. Use what works best for your hair. Find some pictures on the web; try it out with these ides using the pins, gel, and hairspray.

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A General Review About Layered Hair Styles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 15, 2009

Layered hair styles tend to work with most hair textures, lengths, and can add simple style to otherwise unflattering hair. They are not gender specific and are fairly easy to manage. Any low maintenance hair style is always a bonus. While long straight hair is the easiest to bring to life with a layered hair style, even “big” hair or curly hair can benefit, often being trimmed down to a more manageable size once it has been layered.

Long Curling Wedding Hair StylesMen with layered hair styles often find that they simple wash, towel dry, comb, and go. Women with layered hair style often find that they have to spend less time on their hair overall, some with the same convenience factors for men.

Fortunately, most layered hair styles can be around for many years, and it’s not dependent of fads or the “in” thing to do. A good hair style that works with a person’s facial features and personality is one worth keeping and it is always frustration when a fad that worked well has gone by the wayside. A good simple layering can often last for as long as the owner of the hair is inclined to keep it.

Layered hair styles tend to add volume to flat hair, reduce volume in wild hair, and add a bit of texturing. There’s no need to go to extremes, just simply a few layers to add the intention of the style and a trim every six to eight weeks to keep it from getting shaggy. Growing out a layered hair style is not all that difficult either, although for significant layering, a few trips to the scissors may be required simply to even things up from time to time.

Layers can either soften the appearance of the hair or they can actually add a lagged rough edge for a more edgy appearance. Which direction you choose to go is really dependent on the variations within your face, hair, the color and texture of your hair, and your personality. Sometimes, the perfect layered look on your best friend is going to look ridiculous on you, or vice versa. So rather than set your heart on one perfect style, gather a few general ideas and take them to your trusted stylist. Don’t have a trusted stylist? Then either ask around (your best friend with the great layers is probably a good resource) or bring a second pair of eyes with you that you know will tell you straight whether the plan in motion is working or not. It’s usually not recommended to go too drastic unless you have a previous relationship with a hair stylist.

Communication is the key to receiving an excellent layered hair style when visiting the stylist. Photos and a genuine conversation, as well as being open to his or her opinion, is the starting point to finding an awesome layered look. Simply looking around at the layered hair styles which catch your attention should give you an idea of what you’re thinking for yourself, but never argue too heavily with a professional stylist. The process of coming up with an awesome layered hair style that works for you requires input from each of you and a solid understanding before the first snip of hair hits the floor.

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Help Selecting The Best Hair Styles For Thinning Hair

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 15, 2009

Some styles will emphasise thinning hair and others may make the situation worse or appear worse than it really is. In women for instance pulling hair back tightly into a pony tail can cause trauma to already weakened hair roots. The hair is literally being pulled out. Yet it is a style adopted by some women whose hair is thinner than it used to be in an attempt to hide a scalp which now shows through. Or perhaps it is just the style they have had for a while. Also long hair styles can emphasise thin hair so go for a short , closer to the head cut. This may seem like a contradiction – cutting off hair because you are loosing hair, but it really does make a difference as does a more layered look.

Long Wedding Hair StylesHair dressers will tell you to lay off the hair dryers or at least use them only on the lowest settings. They will also be able to tell you about the various volumising products that are now available. Mousses should be applied to the roots so that hair is lifted up. Working from the roots spread the product away from the scalp. Then cool blow dry, finger dry or scrunch. Volumising sprays should be applied to strands of hair that have been lifted up. Spray from the roots upward when the hair is almost dry. The spray will coat the individuals hairs and make them seem thicker.

As for men there is no need to let hair loss lower your self esteem. And as for sexual attractiveness – Whatever men may think women everywhere know that what matters about a man isn’t a matter of how much hair he has on his head. Think or Julius Caesar or Napoleon. And, speaking as one who knows, I would rather see a man with an honest bald head, than a comb over or even worse a toupee, any day. As for implants they can end up looking like cornrow dollies scalps. Hair just doesn’t grow like that. A popular option is to grow hair on the face – a beard or moustache to take the attention away from the top of the head. Or, if you are so inclined what about trying these popular hair styles for balding men, how about a neat pony tail, not too tight, or even a braid. Notice that word ‘neat’ by the way. It also stands for clean and tidy. Women find clean hair attractive, wherever it is on the head. And a man who is confident in his own abilities is attractive.

The short, clean cut is a good one. It is easy to take care of as well. Some people like to lighten their hair. The contrast between scalp and hair is diminished and so makes thinning hair less noticeable. A more radical alternative for men rather than try to stop thinning hair is to shave it all off. People will have no way of knowing that you haven’t chosen to go bald, this is now becoming one of the most popular hair styles for balding men. Think of Crystal Maze host Richard O’Brien. He shaved his head years ago for a part and has stayed that way. Perhaps even he doesn’t know how much hair he would now have if he let it grow.

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Long hair For Styling Looks

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 14, 2009

When I was growing up my mother used to model hairstyles. Choose a real good stylist for your hairstyles. Long Curly hairstyles should all past the shoulders, with face-framing layers to soften the jaw line.

Long Hair Styles For Great LookIf you wear your hair short for instance, there are many short hairstyles for women. To view once, are primarily education based, and sometimes mention certain tools or products that work well with the hairstyles they are creating. This, along with the Sedu hairstyles will produce beautiful hair.

There are many proactive hair stylists that will even have a computer near their workstation so that you can look up different hairstyles for reference during your appointment. Stylists to the stars choose particular celebrity hairstyles for their clients because they are perfect for their face shape and type and texture of hair. But with all filming, photo shooting and constant change of their hairstyles is it possible for them to have naturally long hair.

With many of these programs listed above, you will be able to try on different hairstyles and print a copy of the style that you like. Could it be though, that certain men are bucking the tide of what they have seen as metrosexual conformity, and are beginning to sport facial hairstyles ranging from unkempt, bushy to neat. Stay tuned for Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Your Face – Part 5 of 6–Should you get bangs.

In short, to further satisfy Celebrity Addictive behavior, Hair Resources has developed a Celebrity Hairstyles Gallery with all the recent and trendy hairstyles for you to check out and copy for yourselves. Hair dressing industry is a huge growth area all over the world, As with clothes, hairstyles change with fashion and with more & more people taking an interest in the way they look, the hair dressing industry will be as popular as ever for a long time to come. Clothing styles and hairstyles keep changing.

After choosing the right mannequin form to complement specific products, for a specific demographic, then it is time to choose poses, and hairstyles, and skin color that best reflect the particular merchandise or clothing on display.

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Sexiest Hairstyles For Long Hair

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 13, 2009

While looking for hairstyles for long hair, you’ll realize that there are many options that are available to you. With so many choices available, the key will be finding the one that best suits you.

Long Hair Styles For SummerWith lots of hair to play with, you can experiment with a wide variety of looks. For instance, try putting your hair up in a fashionably untidy bun. Don’t scrape your hair back from you face, but instead leave a few tendrils loose and finger-comb the rest into a loose knot at the back of your neck. This is a wonderful look for a casual afternoon outing or a day around the house. Try a figure-8 bun for something edgy and a chignon for those nights when you want a touch of elegance. (See below for the best way to test different hairstyles for your face shape)

Sedu Hairstyles For Long Hair:

For a sleekly professional hairstyle, why not consider using the Sedu flat iron? Sedu products have a reputation for leaving hair sleek and shiny with a minimum of time and effort invested.

Through the use of moisture in every step of the styling process, the Sedu flat iron ensures that your hair does not end up flat and lifeless. This flat iron uses Sedu’s trademark ceramic plates to smooth out hair without leaving it looking dull. You can also use the Sedu flat iron to flip your hair and put waves into it; combine this treatment with hair that has been cut into layers for an especially dynamic look.

When speaking with your stylist about hairstyles for long hair, run the idea of layers past her. Layers can add a lot of personality to your look, and as well as being easy to care for, they can enhance and flatter the shape of your face. When you tie your hair back, layers fall down to frame your face and soften its angles. Layers can also lengthen a face that’s round and add accents to the existing planes and angles.

If you’d rather not to commit to layers, consider getting bangs cut into your hair. Avoid thin bangs that fall straight down, as this can give your face a rather boxy look, but heavy, side-parted bangs are ideal for a look that’s both fun and professional. Thick bangs that are combined with soft layers create a lovely look, and are easy to grow out if you decide to try another style.

There are many options for women looking for new Black hairstyles for long hair so find the one that’s right for you today!

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How To Get The Hottest Look For You With The Good Hair Styles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 12, 2009

Look hot this season by trying out some of the coolest 2007 hairstyles which will send the mercury soaring wherever you go. Experts predict that the most popular hairstyles this year are going to be influenced by powerful women.

Asian Celebrity Long Hair StylesOne of the most popular styles this year is the short corporate cut that is considered as a sign of the woman in command. Very low maintenance, this style is simple yet professional and elegant looking at the same time. It’s no small wonder then that the list of the role-models for this type of cut includes Ellen Degeneres, Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton. Another hairstyle that has branched off from this cut is somewhat longer on the apex and tapering down to nearly nothing around the back and ears.

If the aforementioned 2007 hairstyles reflect the look of a hard-working, successful careerist, then surely the following styles represent women who like to work hard and love to party harder!

That’s right, we are talking about the just-out-of-the-shower, shaggy hairstyle which has been already been adorned by many a celebrity this year. Slightly longer than the ultra-short look mentioned above, in this case the hair is styled to give a somewhat punk-type messy yet feminine look. In order to achieve this look, it’s important to not wash the hair too often and to allow the natural oils produced by the scalp to give it a natural glow.

Another look that has made it big in 2007 is the feminine wavy long hair look. This one has been popularized by divas such as Jessica Alba and Shakira. The secret to getting this look is again not to wash the hair regularly as this allows the hair to keep its natural health, hold its shape better and shine with natural oils.

Apart from these 2007 hairstyles, redheads are also very hot this season, so depending on what kind of woman you are, pick any from any one of the above looks and let your tresses do the talking for you!

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Selecting A Hair Cut That Matches Your Face Shape

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 11, 2009

For centuries haircuts have been a distinctive form of class separation and self-expression. Having hair cut is an excellent way to change an appearance, make someone feel different or younger, or simply keep up with the latest trends. Hairstyle that you choose to suit your face always must suit your age also. Always use extremely sharp scissors. The type of shears you use is not that important as long as they are razor sharp. To test the sharpness of the shear, hold a piece If your face is round, you want to minimize fullness, and the most flattering styles will keep hair off your face. This will emphasize your cheekbones, jaw line and eyes. You can wear long or short hair, but it’s often advisable to add layers to create volume at the top of your head, which elongates and slims the face.

Long Hair Styles For WomenWith an oval face shape, you can go short or long, but keep your hair an even length. Oval faces tend to be on the small side, and high-volume hair can be overpowering. Long, wispy bangs are generally flattering. If you are trimming short hair, don’t be afraid to bend the ears while cutting. Ears are flexible. If you are trimming your own hair, be sure you have a mirror for the front and another for the back. If you have a long face, avoid the popular bob hairstyle, which draws attention to facial length – particularly in the chin area. If you have a square face, don’t cut your hair too short. Layers, accompanied by volume on the top and sides, soften your look. Length in the back generally works, as do bangs – as long as they’re soft and subtle.

Long haircut is one of the latest hairstyles for women. Smooth, long layers are also gaining popularity, in response to the trend for longer, softer hair. The cuts featuring short, choppy hair are no longer in style. Sometimes, long hair gets damaged by environmental conditions, or specific styling requirements. The straighter and thicker your hair is, the harder it will be to straighten and the longer it may take you to achieve the effect you desire. It is possible to achieve the look you want though without too much effort. Hot rollers are another easy way to curl up your hair. These can be used on dry hair. Follow the instructions that come with the hot rollers, but usually they do not need to remain in your hair for a long time.

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Best Men’s Hairstyles For Triangular Face Shapes

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 10, 2009

With the ever growing male grooming trend continuing, it can be a challenge to decide which hairstyle to go for. What is seldom appreciated when looking for a new cut, is to match it to the shape of your face. With this in mind, it can be a little tricky if you are looking at hairstyles for triangular face shape types.

Medium Hair Styles For GuysA triangular face shape is defined by the growing width of the face from temple to chin. As a result, it is important to select hairstyles that do not draw overstated attention to the lower half of the face.

Taking some time out to consult with a good barber or professional hair-stylist could help you look at options you not have originally thought of. However, if the expense of this is not practical, there are some key tips you should follow.

As a rule, longer hair should be avoided. However, depending on the bone structure of your cheekbones and neckline, you could certainly go for something mid-range – that tapers out towards the nape of the neck.

In the main, anyone with a triangular face should stick to something very short, and close cropped. This will accentuate your strong brow, and draw the eyes of whomever you are talking to, to your own eyes. It can also help make you look younger, as there is minimal shadow falling across the face – with their being little or no fringe line. Consider Justin Timberlake for inspiration with this.

For a more ambitious approach with hairstyles for triangular face shape, layering can work extremely well. This brings body to the hair, whilst allowing for strands to fall naturally over the face. It is important to have such a cut professionally styled however, to avoid giving too much weight to the entire facial area.

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Cool And Sexy Hair Styles For Men

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 8, 2009

A hair cut really defines a big part of your image. I remember my little brother always strived to have the coolest hair cut around. He would cut and trim down his hair by himself for hours in the bathroom and every time he came out of it, he had a crazy looking hair do and somehow every one liked them. These are all the styles I can remember him of having:

Trendy Long Hair Styles For Guys• A 6 inch Mohawk

• A Completely shaved head

• Spiky wild hair

• Long hair

• A small Mohawk

• 50/50 hair do

• The Krusty look

• And much much more!

There are countless of cool hair cuts, and if you can see I even had to make up names for the looks my brother had. I called the 50/50 hair do a style that had half of the head trimmed really short, and the other half trimmed down not so short. But the trimming had to be done in such a manner that the middle had to be longer than the rest, really complicated do if you ask me. My brother said he would like to copy German soccer team player, Bastian Schweinsteiger, but he’s never actually got to copy it as good.

But the coolness of a hair style really depends on the image you want to express. For example, a completely shaved head doesn’t suit most people, or at least it certainly didn’t work for my brother. I’d say that the classical cool hair cuts for men are spiky hair, long hair and small Mohawks.

But there are cool styles for different kind of men. For teenagers the above mentioned is perfectly good, but for guys a little bit older there are different styles. A guy that always seems to have a cool hair do is David Beckham, so I would recommend you to keep an eye out for him because he always seems to have that good looking hair we women love so much! Another famous personality that has always had a great hair cut, one of my favorites, is James Bond. No matter which actor represents him, James Bond will always have a great looking hair style.

But no matter who, or which style you choose to have, a cool hair cut style can only look cool if it’s the right one for you. It all depends on your facial shape, hair color – which is a huge factor is defining which is cool and which is not –, and confidence. An excellent tip is to bring a picture of the style you want to your hairdresser and ask him if it fits your or which fits you.

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