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The Essence of Glamour – Trendy Hair Styles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 16, 2009

IT is a complete fallacy that any person looks best in short hair, long hair, or medium-length hair. Any length can be becoming to you. What you must recognize is the limitations of each hair length, what hair styles can be worn with hair of that length, and if you will be happy within the limitations. There is a vast array of trendy hair styles which may suit you.

Sexy Long Hair StylesLet us suppose you choose shoulder-length hair. You could probably wear it in a pony tail, a pageboy, a chignon, an upsweep, or almost any kind of back-interest hairdo. If these were the things you wanted to do with your hair, then it would be a fine choice of length. But if you wanted the long hair to be worn in a poodle, or to make it appear short and forward in any way, it would obviously be impossible.

In deciding on the hair length you want, you must of course consider its texture and degree of curl. You realize that if in the case cited above the wearer’s hair is perfectly straight, she will need a permanent for practically all of the hairdos mentioned, except the pony tail and perhaps the chignon. Therefore if she wanted long hair but did not want to have a permanent, she would have to settle for the pony tail and forgo the others.

If you should choose medium-length hair, the way you wear it will be determined by the cut. For instance, if you wanted to wear it fluffy about the face, in most cases this would mean the very front ends would have to be cut a good deal shorter than the rest. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the front ends and curling them up tightly to make them appear short.

This point about cutting would apply to any length regardless of its over-all appearance which might at first glance indicate that “She wears her hair long” or “Her hair is medium-length.”

There is always a combination of several lengths. This, incidentally, is the way you achieve naturalness, because such a hairdo can be simply brushed into place, eliminating the need for setting it in pin-curls or fastening it with barrettes or bobby pins.

You may have been going along up to now on the assumption that your physical type or some other factor restricts you to wearing your hair in one length only. A little thought should convince you that there is no such thing as looking best in long hair or short. Just remember that the proper lines in any one of the many trendy hairstyles available can favor your face and features, regardless of the length of the hair.

To illustrate this point, imagine one model in two or more hairdos. This should prove my contention that there need be no restrictions as to hair length or style, no matter what type of face or features you have.


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Selecting The Right Male Hairstyle

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 10, 2009

When it comes time for men to choose a new hairstyle or maybe even update their current hairstyle, they must go through many of the same steps as women. Of course they may not spend as much time agonizing over it as women may, but the decision making steps remain the same to make sure you are choosing the right look not only for your facial shape but for your hair texture as well.

Long Hair StylesToday, compared to the past, men have become more and more concerned with their looks and the men’s fashion world is almost equal to that of women’s today which means choosing a hairstyle for many men is no simple buzz cut anymore. First, it is important to make yourself familiar with the latest male hairstyle trends and cuts. You can do this by simply watching movies, looking through magazines, commercials and even billboards to see the hottest new styles on the male actors of today.

The next step you need to act on in order to choose your new hairstyle is to decide what shape your face is. This may sound like an easy task but it can be quite difficult, you may want to consult a friend to help you make this decision. Once you have decided on this you need to focus in on hairstyles that flatter your face and perhaps even minimize certain features you want minimized and therefore maximize your more preferred features. For example if you have an oval face and long ears you may want to maximize your eyes through long layers and soft bangs such as the famous actor Owen Wilson’s hairstyle.

What many hairstylists are recommending today is that you keep a picture of your new hairstyle somewhere you can see it everyday, like your bathroom mirror. This way you can look at it everyday for a week or two and each and every time you see it, you need to envision yourself in this new style. This way, you can get a feel for the style and maybe after a few days decide it is not right for you. It is better to decide it is not right for you before you actually get it!

For men that normally visit a basic barber for their hair cutting needs, you will want to search out a reliable and well respected hairstylist in your area. It is not likely that your barber can create the new look you are looking for as they are generally used for the simple trimming of the basic crew cut men have been wearing for decades. You do not have to feel self conscious about going to a hairstylist, this is something many men have been doing for years and it does not reflect your manhood by any means! You can be sure that actors like Owen Wilson and George Clooney visit specialized hairstylists to get their hair cut and styled and you can too!

Take a leap into something new with a different haircut a different style and an entirely new look for the New Year! It can be so much easier for men to choose a new hairstyle because many times these short hairstyles can grow out so fast you may not even run into anyone you know while sporting an unsuccessful haircut, therefore you can feel free to experiment. The only hard part about this entire process is finding a hairstylist if you currently do not have one. It can take some time and searching but when you find one you can trust, you can try anything with your hair!

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Most Flattering Hair Style

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 8, 2009

Many people look to celebrities to find a new hair style—spending tons of money on all kinds of magazines only to frantically tear through the pages in search of the perfect hair style. The oval face is the most versatile face. People with an oval face shape can wear most hair cut styles and lengths with it still looking “right”. The oval face is mathematically 1.5 times as long as its width, with the forehead slightly wider than the jaw. Oval face shape super hot now: Choppy bobs, long waves & shoulder-skimming shags. Round faces are characterized by a round chin. Because they lack the length of the oval face, the hair should be cut to create the illusion of length in the face. Bangs are flattering, but keep them long or sideswept.

Modern Long Hair Styles For GuysHeart shaped faces are widest at the temples and narrowest at the jawline. Keep top layers soft and long. Square faces have a square jawline and hairline at the forehead. They are ‘too short’, so a suitable hair cut style seeks to create height elongating the face. Diamond shaped faces are widest at the cheekbones and narrow in the forehead and chin. By creating width at the forehead and minimizing it at the cheekbones, the illusion of an oval face can be achieved. Pear shaped faces have a narrow forehead and are widest at the jawline, with a round chin. The objective of a suitable style of hair cut is to give the illusion of an oval face by creating width at the forehead and temples. The oblong face is generally described as having a high forehead, narrow bone structure and long, well defined chin.

If your face is oblong, then the goal is to balance out the length of the face to make it look more proportioned. Rectangular faces have a square chin and hairline, and are long and narrow. The ideal style of hair cut is one which creates width at the sides disguising the narrowness. A fringe can also shorten the face, and a style with a side part will help to reduce the square appearance. Diamond face shape is a cross between heart and oval. If you are a true diamond, you’ll be able to wear almost any style. Try hairstyles with lots of fringes, chaotic yet sexy and defined curls, chin-length bobs and shoulder length cuts with feathered edges. If you need to add fullness in order balance out your shape, going with thick layers or a bob of medium length, making sure the fullness lands where it is most needed, is your best bet.

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Differences Between Long Hair And Short Hair

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 7, 2009

There is always a continuously changing new fashion haircut from the Pob – Victoria Beckham’s famous bob hair cut to the feathered long hair of Jennifer Aniston. Hairstyles and haircuts I feel are an important statement for everyone, it’s the first thing most people look at your face and of course your hair frames your face.

Funky Long Hair StylesI’m guessing you’ve all had a hair disaster or mistake somewhere along the line or a hairstyle or colour you regret now. I will always remember a few years ago the layered look came into fashion and as I love the colour pink I wanted something different so went for the layered look very short layers on top too with bright pink coloured hair between the layers. Yes it looked fab but when I wanted to grow my hair again oh dear bad mistake. To this day, I’m still growing the layers out and that was 5 years ago, in many ways I wish I had never had it done but it was nice at the time.

If you’ve got short hair there is only a certain amount of styles you can have a go at and also the option of having it up if you want. The shorter you have your hair you have less chance of being able to do this, that’s why personally I couldn’t have short hair all the time would drive me nuts. The bob that Victoria Beckham had created in the summer of 2007 became so popular thousands of people had their locks cut off to sport a new short bob called the Pob. I was tempted as I liked it but I knew I would get bored very quickly, I am one of those people who gets bored with the style and colour of their hair very quickly. I’m always trying something new out, a new colour, whether it be a new shade of blonde or adding a hint of pink somewhere.

A short hair cut can suit a lot of people from short and spiky to short and sleek, whatever your style may be, make sure it suits your face shape, always best to ask your hairstylist on what kind of cut they think would suit you.

If you’re hair is long then your like me, I just keep growing mine the longer the better, well I think I would have to have it cut if it got to my lower back. With long hair you have more to play with, from layers to feathering the front layers or having a variety of colours placed into the hair. I love having the ability to have my hair down when I want using a middle or side parting to having it up in a ponytail, pigtails, plait, bun or a messy up do. The list is endless with long hair, you can do what you want, of course it’s more difficult it you have layers put in as I found out, but handy grips come in place then. If you’re lazy like me some days, you can just put your hair back in a ponytail and leave the house, having short hair I know I couldn’t do this.

Whatever the length of your hair I’m guessing you like styling it in the ways you can. I like to have the option to what to do with my hair and with long hair this is possible from up do’s to down do’s. I would definitely go with long hair any day but I know other people prefer short hair, they find it easier to manage but I found it more difficult, always having to style it, at least with long hair you can leave it to dry and put it up when you want.

So what’s your favourite hair length short or long, mine is definitely long!

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Look Good With Curly Hairstyle

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 6, 2009

We all like to be presentable and look good to ourselves and to others. Those of us who are into socializing a little and into outdoor activities find us spending a great deal of time going through our wardrobes picking out the best outfit for whatever occasion it might be. Some of us take the look even one step forward by styling their hair according to the latest trend in the society. Out of all the different hairstyles that are common and popular, curly hairstyle is one of them.

Trendy Look Hair CutEverybody has his own nature which they are born with. But we see that women tend to spend more time in fashionable chortlings, shopping, and hairstyles than men. Most men are just happy with a haircut from any neighborhood barber but women usually like to get their hair cut and styled according to their specific requirements. Some, usually teenagers, follow some teen celebrities when it comes to hair styles. To them, it is a symbol of social standard and recognition.

Women need to be aware of their hairstyle. So, most women are styling their hair in many different styles and looks these days. Some are big time into curly hairstyles which they find attractive and suitable to their overall outlook. To make your hair curly, you or your hairdresser needs to use specific equipments to bend and curve your hair then use proper heating with hair straightener like tools. Certain chemical spray can also be used for better hold and long lasting curls. This process can be done for both men and women. Some can do their own curls and some prefer to go to hairdresser to get their hair curled. Some also look for curly hairstyle pictures before come to their hairdresser to get a new look. Whichever you prefer, end result is the same which is a good look.

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Hot Men’s Hairstyle

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 4, 2009

One subject that doesn’t get a lot of attention is men’s hairstyles. Of course, once upon a time, men had just a handful of styles to pick from. Now men are paying a lot more attention to their looks, so it’s important to make sure that their hair looks just as good as the rest of them. Here are some tips for getting a great hairstyle this year.

Hot Long Hair Styles For MenJust like with women’s hairstyles, men need to pay attention to their hair type when choosing a cut. Otherwise, you could find your hair looking unexpectedly flat, or developing cowlicks and curls where you least want them to be. A style that looks great on a magazine model won’t necessarily work for you, unless you have the same hair type. Your stylist can help you choose the style that will work best for the kind of hair you have.

Length options for men used to be short and shorter. Modern styles offer a better range of options for men’s hairstyles, while still looking respectable for work or school. Consider a tousled, layered look if you like your hair at a medium length. Working a little gel or other product into your hair can make it look a little windblown without being messy. Bangs pushed forward over the forehead can be seen on many models and celebrities.

Long hair is also stylish now, although in this case, long means little more than shoulder length. Remember that longer hair requires more upkeep to look its best. Neglect could cause your hair to look dirty when it’s not, or unkempt.

If you prefer your hair shorter, but don’t want to look staid or boring, try a cut that’s a little spiky, or go for a slick retro option. Men’s hairstyles from the 30s and 40s have been making a comeback, and give you a chance to sport a classic look that’s a little different.

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Advice For Curly Hair Styles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 2, 2009

Having curly hairstyles can be difficult to treat. It seems that people want hairstyles with curly hair and those with hair curly hairstyles want. The hairstyle can be a pain. One way to do this is curly hairstyles by going to your local store of beauty and make you make a permanent basis. Getting a permit in your hair, it will give a lot of bouncy curls and give more substance to your hair. Getting a permit to give you curl hairstyles took some good hair care too. If you live in a place where it is very dry, you may need to do extra spritzing. The hair needs a lot of volume, as a result, the upper part is slightly dry layers, and the neck level with the hole in the ear, it is cut on the sidelines. This leaves the back of the head looking quite lovely. The edges of side and top should be slightly feathers, so that the transition from top to curly layers contours is particularly sweet.

Female Celebrity Long Hair StylesYou should also keep your permission and proper condition. Just remember that once you have a permanent, it must take charge, perms will last until your hair is born. This means that the hair will be coming straight ahead and you should get them and permed. You can also give the banana curls. These loops are tight bouncy curls. This type of tile hairstyles are a look sexy and fun. This look is great when you have the highlights of your hair. This can be done with a curling iron, which is made for these types of loops, which can be obtained at your local store. You can also give your hair curly hairstyles big bouncy simply by a curling iron, which is very thick and wide. This is a very simple way to give your hairstyle and more loops are large loops give pleasure to your hair.

You can use this shampoo in the shower as your curls of hair for you. Hard to believe, but it works. You can get it at any store selling shampoos. This is a good way to go when you do not want to spend the high price of beauty. So, go to your local store and try this before going to beauty salons and it could save you money in the long run. Soon we will examine some of the tricks hairdressing and write articles on these topics, which can help you. Curly hairstyles are fun to do if you have hair. It gives you a new, fun and sexy look. Remember to take care of your curls. Now, if you go to a beauty shop to get your curls and is not sure what to do, just go online and view photos of various awesome curly hairstyles. You can do any type of loop that you want to try something new with your hair. If you do not want to pay the price beauty shop, there is a product called Wash and Curl.

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Fashionable Long Hairstyles For Men

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 27, 2009

Goodbye Skinhead
Gone are the skinhead, jailbird-look days, when you where a sissy or member of a 60’s British boy band if you strutted a longer than average hairstyle. Men are growing more and more aware of trends and latest fashions including 2009 long hairstyles for men.

Long Hair Cut StylesNo Punk Styles
Please keep in mind that punk styles are no longer fashion and it does not strictly fall within the long hairstyle category.

Keep it Natural
Keeping it natural is key, not natural scare crow or caveman. By natural I mean nothing over the top in term of cut, style and color. Urban look is very in at the moment. However nothing longer than shoulder length. If you prefer a little more texture, then opt for medium-long shag with or without layers. Scissors are not used to create shag or layered look but rather razors. Spiking of the hair to create the “bed-head” look is still very much in fashion. The secret here lies in the getting the look just right by appearing messy while being clean.

Face Shape
When deciding on the perfect hairstyle take your face shape into consideration. A long hairstyle definitely does not suit every shape face and thus not every man. Draw inspiration and ideas from internet, movies (current, please), television and magazines from people who have the same face shape or bone structure as yours. A Jay Leno hairstyle will not work on David Beckham. Ask your hairdresser or stylist for advice. He or she will know what is in the height of fashion.

Grooming Tips
Use only the best quality shampoo’s, conditioners and care products on the market. Preferable Salon Endorsed products as you want to limit breakage, split ends and increase health, manageability and shine. Please use water and soap regularly as there is no greater turn-off than a greasy head. If you are not big on hygiene, than forget about long hair. You will unfortunately have to visit your hairdresser more if you boast with a longer hairstyle as trims are essential to keep hair in top condition.

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The Long And Short Of Celebrity Hairstyles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 26, 2009

It’s hard not to notice trends in celebrity hairstyles. Actors and actresses are in the media every day and are scrutinized for what they do, what they say and especially for how they look. If you are a celebrity, having a bad hair day is not an option.

Funky Long Hair StylesCurrently in the news, reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is sporting a new edgy style that a lot of people are trying to copy. The once blonde, then brunette, then blonde again Gosselin had her short hair highlighted and cut with edgy angles.

Many celebrities have had the same hairstyle for years and pay no attention to trends that come and go. Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Courtney Cox have had long hair with the only variations being straight or curly.

Recently, popular singer Fergie switched her golden locks for dark brown. This simple color change made a big difference in her look. Reality star Kim Kardashian wanted to try a shorter hairstyle for a photo so celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves found a wig that gave her the look she wanted without having to clip her own long locks.

Men’s hairstyles have a little less leeway. Most men really only change their looks for movie roles – either growing it out like Tom Hanks or Mel Gibson, or shaving it off like Bruce Willis or Keenen Ivory Wayans.

Singer Adam Lambert, runner up of this year’s American Idol contest, was able to alter his looks to suit the song he was singing. His pitch-black spiky do was perfect for rock tunes, but when he slicked it back, he became an Elvis look-alike.

Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, no hair- no matter what the latest trend is, celebrity hairstyles will continue to influence the way we want to look.

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