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Get Trendy With The Hairstyles

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on July 21, 2009

If you are one of those who love to be with the times and stay in style, then just knowing what colors are hot in the fashion scene are not enough? After all, appearance is not just about apparels! Rather, it is all about how you to carry yourself, and thus hairstyles play a vital role in determining your fashion consciousness. So what are the styles in vogue for 2007 to 2008?

Long Men Hair StylesThe most in hairstyle is definitely the “pob”, which is the name given to Victoria Beckham’s latest and chic bob that has created ripples among the fashion conscious crowd, all of whom now want to bob it like Beckham (Or should we say pob it like Beckham?)

Short styles for sure are in this season. The style to go for this season is an easy, stylish, cute yet trendy style. Long hair is lost with the last season, and so go ahead and be adventurous. Crop your hair real short and dare to look sexy.

One of the trendiest looks this season is Bobs that are back with a bang. This precision bob that is carefully done to accentuate your unique facial structure, or highlight a long, beautiful neck is the happening look this season. Add to it the bangs that have retained their popularity even this season. This is probably because of the fact that they make women look glamorous by accentuating their face shape. For instance, the right kinds of bang can accentuate someone’s best features like the eyes and at the same time make them look groomed by keeping their hair off of their face. Whatever be your face shape, a bob hairstyle with bangs can work wonders for you and look you look like a diva.

You can try out either the thick short bangs that require less maintenance or the long bangs if you are craving for a chic look. Else, you can put up your bangs in a ringlet and achieve that exotic look. Whatever be your style, remember that with bangs this season you will not be out of fashion.

This season also the curls seem to be out. It is time to have a straight look that looks classy and sophisticated. So get your straightening irons out and achieve that sleep, well groomed straight look. In fact this season is all about having your own personal style and carrying it with élan. There is an absolute feast of looks to choose from.

If bob does not appeal to you and you are craving for some other short style with which you can be more adventurous, you can also try out the Mod style. This hairstyle that comprises of heavy, side-swept bangs and blunt lines to which there has been added a significant amount of slicing or texturizing to lighten up the bluntness, is one of the in looks for 2007-2008. The style tenet that you should keep in mind this season is asymmetry. Go for unexpected texture and length differences, as the asymmetrical look is very much in fashion. Go in for strategic layers and try out peaks, swirls and waves technically known as directional styling.

The look that you can also opt for this season is funky and daring with a lot of room for individuality. Rich dark colors accentuated by warm colored highlights are hot in the fashion scene this year. If you want to follow the trend, go for burgundy, and mahogany with strategically placed highlights that accentuate the texture and compliment your features and skin tone. Whatever you do, remember that you need to carry the style with grace. After all, fashion loses all its sense if not carried with a splash of your own style.


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