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Cute And Sexy Hairstyles With Bangs

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

Hairstyles with bangs are a great choice for many of women wanting to have a spicy, sexy look. With a little creativity and daring, getting the right kind of bangs can be both a fun and an exciting journey of self-discovery. It can also be quite frustrating if certain factors aren’t taken into account.

Trendy Long Hair StylesFirst, a competent hair stylist who knows how to synchronize the different kinds of bang cuts to facial shapes is essential to success. It is a well-known fact that adding a bang-type, whether a traditional blunt cut or a more cutting-edge, side swept fringe style, can immediately spruce up any hairstyle. However, picking the right kind is important. For instance, if a woman has a long face, hairstyles with bangs can be ideal in making the face appear shorter. A medium length hairstyle with bangs on the forehead will work very well on a rounder visage. Taking into account the bone structure and body type is half the battle when working with bangs, and when done correctly, it goes a long way to enhance and frame the face.

There are bangs to fit any face shape, hairstyle and hair type. Throughout history women with bangs have graced fashion walkways in large numbers setting trends and establishing women’s hair and clothing tastes. While fashion models promote the one-style fits all attitude, in the real world one must take into account face and body differences. While blunt bangs will usually flatter oval face shapes, they may need to be adapted to compliment square or round shapes. The traditional baby bangs work great for oval and some round face shapes, since shorter bangs tend to lengthen and slim the face. Just as there are all kinds of faces, there are all types of bangs.

Bangs can be worn straight and full, wispy, or swept to one side. The simple act of adding forehead fringe can create an instantaneous transformation from dull to awe-inspiring. The beauty of the bang is that you can change the look if you don’t like the result. Getting the right look with hairstyles with bangs is all about testing, getting a good hair stylist, using common sense, and, we recommend using the service below to test the style before the scissors are taken to your hair!


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Pretty Hairstyles For Spring And Summer

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

Romance is in the air for spring and summer of 2009. The upcoming trends are filled with flowing sheer materials, ribbons and ruffles. Matching your style to your clothing is an important step in making sure your entire appearance looks well thought out but at the same time effortless. Here are some ideas for great pretty hairstyles that will look perfect with the romantic looks for spring and summer.

Asian Long Hair StylesBold, Short and Sassy

If you are feeling bold and saucy, consider getting your cut very short! Short pixie designs are being seen on several famous celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Alyssa Milano. While the cuts are “boy short”, they are far from masculine. When paired with romantic dresses and ultra feminine makeup, a short stylelet everyone know you are all woman.

Long and Lovely

Long hair is still very popular. It seems that since the introduction of the straightening iron into women’s homes, the look of super straight, sleek, flowing locks is here to stay.

Straight isn’t the only option for a pretty spring/summer hairstyle though. Sexy waves are also hot and beautiful. Long waves should look managed but not overly fussed over. This look can easily be achieved by spritzing in some fixing spray on slightly damp hair and throwing it up on rollers. Blow completely dry before removing the rollers. Style the waves with your fingers and hold in place with a great flexible spray.

The Timeless Elegance of the Bun

Updos and buns can be a great style for romantic styles of spring and summer. Buns can be created that are very formal or very casual and can be a great shape for days you hair just won’t behave or when you don’t have time for a wash. Buns can look fantastic whether you place them way up high, towards the middle or all the way down at the nape.

You can separate and twist in different directions for a more complicated bun or twist it all very tight and evenly for a very elegant look. You can even adorn your “do” with decorative pins, barrettes, ribbons, or even flowers for a unique look that is charmingly feminine.

Pretty hairstyles are available in all shapes and designs. Choose what best works for your face’s shape and the level of manageability you prefer. Looking great is easy.

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Best Hairstyles For A Round Face

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

The straight long hairdo is the best hairstyle for a round face. This up style haircuts will make you look absolutely classy and appealing. Hot celebrities such Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore carries a round face.

Gorgeous Long Hair StylesThere are many chic and trendy haircuts for round and oval faces. They are considered to be hairstyle friendly faces. In order to get a dramatic makeover for your already gorgeous look, you should experiment with new hairdos. You can experiment any hairstyles in a round and oval face. In order to look chic and totally glamorous, you should try out long and wavy look. It is the hottest hairdo according to many hairstylists. The classic long and curly look also appears good on a round-faced woman.

Best Haircuts And Hairdos That Suits Round And Oval Face Shape

. Some haircuts such as curly short hairstyle and straight short hairstyles can make you appear younger than your age. Women in their late 30s should try to wear shorter haircuts. They will not only make you look younger than your age but also highlight your best features. In order to appear gorgeous and exceptionally ageless, you can also try out the classic bob. Shorter hairstyles are much in fashion. The elegance and magnificence of a woman is appropriately reflected in shorter styles.

. Round and oval faces are considered to be hairstyle friendly. Women with these face types can wear any look. In order to flaunt your best appearance this summer, you can also give a short-spike-on- the -top look. These haircuts are hip and very trendy. Women following the latest fashion trends should try out this fresh style.

. Best Hairstyle for round face also includes short and wavy style. This brand new haircuts exudes fun and refinement.

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Formal Hairstyles For Long Hair For Women

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

We remember when we were between the ages of eight and ten years old. This just so happened to be the time when we had long hair. Not only was it long, but it was thick as well. Every single day, our mother fixed our hair and she would not stop until we allowed her to do that. Secretly, we believe our mom lifted some type of weights or something just so she could tackle our hair. As we continue this article, we are going to tell you some tips on formal hairstyles for long hair (for Women).

Sexy Long Hair StylesFirst of all, if you plan on wearing a dress that does not have any straps to it, we highly recommend you leaving you hair hanging. When you wear a strapless dress, you will be drawing a lot of attention to the upper region of your body, including your hair. Besides, leaving that hair down will add to that innocent look you want. With that said, you do not need to French braid your hair or put it up into a bun, because it will draw too much attention to your neck at this point.

Next, just because you are leaving those sexy, long locks down does not mean you have to be bland. There are many different accessories you can add to those tresses.

A cute little diamond heart up there would look perfect. Don’t you think? Apart from the tresses, you should consider the following tip. You need to pay attention to the earrings you have. People with long mane have a tendency to wear hoop earrings or dangly ones. That was just something extra that we felt you needed to know.

Having those sexy waves in your tresses would be really great, but if you want to keep it simple, then silky and straight is perfectly fine. As you are choosing the formal hairstyles for long hair (for women), you should not settle for something you do not like. Keep looking and you will come across something that fits your style.

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Thinning Hair Hairstyles For Women

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

f you have hair that is thinning, it is important you know what thin hair hairstyles for women will work best to downplay fine or thin hair. While you may not be able to instantly regain a full head of thick hair, there are measures you can take to give the illusion of a thick, full head of hair. It is also important that the hairstyle goes with your personality and lifestyle and that it bests accentuates your facial features. Drawing attention to your beautiful facial features will draw eyes away from your thinning hair.

Latest Women Long Hair StylesWhen choosing styles for thinning hair, you want to be sure it is a hairstyle that is easy for you to maintain day to day yourself and makes you feel more confident. If you are constantly nervous or anxious about your hair, it will show.

Shorter Cut

Shorter hairstyles usually work best for thinning hair. Don’t kid yourself that adding extra length will somehow make up for the volume you have lost. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. Shorter hairstyles allow for more volume and greater lift and therefore can appear much fuller.

Zigzag Parts

Zigzag parts can really help to camouflage hair that is thinning on the top of your head. Zigzag parts are also very stylish even if you have a full head of hair, so no one will ever know you are choosing it to cover up a problem area.

Body Wave

Getting a body wave put in your hair can make it appear much thicker and fuller. You can choose a body wave that gives your hair a very tight curl or one that only gives it a more loose curl with a lot of bounce.

Proper Hair Growth Products

There are amazing products out there for cleansing and styling your hair that can really help. Be sure to thick about what you put in your hair carefully. Ever product you use from shampoo to conditioner to hairspray and anything else that touches your hair should be specially formulated for thinning hair. Each hair you have left on your head is valuable, so you want to do everything you can to keep them-and keep them healthy.

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Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

Which hairstyle is best for plus size women? Believe it or not, many plus size women ask this question. Are things really that different when it comes to hairstyles for plus size women? Well, yes and no.

Long Bob Hair StylesLet’s first take a look at what is common for hairstyle selection between plus size women and women in general.

A hairstyle should complement the shape of your face. Though everyone’s face is basically oval, there are many deviations to the dimensions of the face that make it tend away from a purely oval shape. Below are the basic facial shapes and hairstyles that complement them.

Pear — this facial shape has a wide chin and a narrow forehead. A hairstyle that widens the forehead while taking attention away from the chin is desirable. Hair should be fuller on top and swept away from the face to create the illusion of a fuller forehead. Avoid styles that are wider at the chin to soften a square jaw line.

Square — a square brow and angular jaw line are the features of the square facial shape. Hair swept onto the face and covering the brow will soften sharp angles. Shorter lengths that extend just below the chin will further help to soften a square jaw.

Oval — like the hourglass plus size body shape, an oval face works well with just about any style. Hair pulled back or worn up shows off an oval face the most. Long styles or shorter hair with some curls will also look flattering on an oval face.

Round — the widest part of a round face is at the cheeks. Your goal should be to lengthen both the upper and lower portions of your face. Build some height on the top of your head while avoiding shorter, slicked back styles.

Heart Shaped –- this is a triangular facial shape, wider at the forehead with a narrow chin. Wear styles that widen your chin such as layered styles angled toward your face. Shorter lengths to the middle of your neck work best.

Plus size women with long hair look particularly elegant with their hair pinned up. This works extremely well for formal occasions when wearing a gown or evening dress. In general, shorter plus size women may want to consider shorter hairstyles to balance their torsos against their legs. A silk scarf or headband tied across the forehead and under the back of the hair can add an accent point to plus size hairstyles.

In the end, it comes down to complementing your natural features and expressing your individual style and personality with your clothing, accessories, and choice of a plus size hairstyle.

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A New Trend Of Women Hair Styles In 2009

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

Just as trends in fashion change from year to year, there are some hairstyles that also change with the years as well. When you look at a photo, can you tell the year by the hairstyles on the people in the picture? It is important to give yourself an updated look for your hair every once in a while so that you don’t get pigeonholed in a specific era or year.

New Hairstyles For WomenThere are a number of ways that you can determine how a hairstyle will look on you. Not every hair style is suitable for every face or bone structure. The websites that will allow you to use your own photograph with many of the hairstyles will show you how the one you are considering will actually look on you. It might change your mind about the style that you choose to ultimately get.

There is such a wide variety of hairstyles each year, that there is something for everyone. You will be able to find a suitable hair style whether it is a longer or a shorter style that will fit right in with your look. Consider the amount of care that is required when you are choosing your style. Busy moms might like a shorter and more carefree style than one that is chosen by someone who has more time to work on their hair. Remember the amount of time you have in the morning and whether you want to be fussing with your hair when you choose your style.

Many salons will offer a Coupon as an encouragement to visit their establishment and try the stylists. Those who are shopping for a new hair stylist can use this opportunity to find someone to work on their hair. The choice of a good hairstylist is a very important one. It is a great way to ensure that you get a great new style every time you walk in the door.

A new hairstyle can make you feel like a new person. If you have been walking around with an outdated hairstyle, it might be time to take a look at the 2009 hairstyles and find one that will work for you. It can have such a great impact on your confidence that you might just go out and buy a brand new wardrobe. Great hairstyles can make you feel younger, more confident and less self conscious about your appearance.

Those who have a special occasion coming up in their life should get a new hairstyle for the event to go along with the great outfit that they bought for the occasion. If you are looking for a new job, a great hairstyle can mean all the difference in the world in the amount of confidence you have on your job interviews. Starting a new relationship might also be a great time to find a new hairstyle. There are many reasons that you can choose to go and get your new hairstyle. The most important one of all is that it will make you feel good.

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Latest Hairstyles For A Trendy & Young Look

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

There are various hairstyles to look younger and trendy. In order to flaunt a hip and sassy appearance this summer, you should follow the latest trends. It is always advisable to know your face type before choosing the best hairdo. Oval shaped face is considered to be the most versatile one. You can wear any look with this type of face.

Layered Long Hair StylesLatest Hairstyles For Trendy & Young Look

* Hairstyle trends keep on changing but some classic haircuts such as chic bob cut and long and wavy styles will stay forever. Well, it is very important to change your appearance with a new haircut every season. A good haircut can totally change your overall appearance. It can add drama as well as it can be subtle at times.

* Hairstyles to look younger always focus on subtle and chic cuts. They are mostly elegant styles. You can easily attain a fresh look this season by flaunting a short spike on the top hairdo. It is touted to be the most trendy and hip hairdo. You will appear ultra glamorous in any attire. It can be also regarded as the haircut for the future.

* You can also try punk haircut, this haircut need lots of attitude. It is always advisable to blend soft colors. You can mix pink, green, yellow and white colors to make it appear perfect. It is mostly suitable for fashionable collegers.

* Well, if you want to keep your look subtle, then you can try short and curly hairstyle. It will highlight your features such as eyes and chin and make you younger than your age.

* If you are craving for a feminine appearance this season, you can try classy long and wavy look. It is the best haircut for long face.

* All fashion trends are moving towards the Gothic glamour. Gothic fashion is touted to be hot. In order to attain a electrifying look this season, you should flaunt a short and straight look. Your eyes should be painted properly for achieving the correct style.

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Cute And Sexy Hairstyles For Men

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 28, 2009

When you walk down the aisle of any department store, you are eventually going to come across tons of magazines that include hairstyles for women. Men may feel left out, because they do not have anything for them when they would like to do something new with their hair. There are men out there who believing they should come out for a magazine pertaining to cute hairstyles for men. While we are not exactly sure why there is no hairstyle magazines targeted for men, we are going to tell you some of our thoughts on cute hairstyles for men.

Medium Long Hair StylesJust because most men have short hair does not mean they do not care about hairstyles. Women with short hair still care about their hair, so the same should go for men.

Men who are looking for a new look should look into using hairstyles that have bangs as this could be a big advantage.

What is so good about men with bangs? Well, those bangs on men will help to make the face look thinner and elongated. Bangs can give a man an edgier, sharper look. When it comes to bangs on men, it does not matter if you have long hair, short hair or medium hair. Either way you go, at all lengths, bangs will look good.

So now that you have decided to get bangs, we would like to tell you the obvious ways for men to wear bangs. Simply put, you should just let them fall down naturally. A little warning: this is not always the best look, especially for those men that have curly hair. Using some gel or strong mousse would be a great way to get those bangs worked. Guys, you will be surprised at how bangs can make you look. They can take a guy from being ordinary to being extraordinary.

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12 Famous Hairstyles For Men

Posted by Cool Long Hair Styles on June 28, 2009

In Dallas, it seems, there is typically little thought given to how the groom should be dressed, groomed, and accessorized; it is also your day and you should look your best. The tux may be chosen, the boutonniere fitted, and shoes picked out; but how will you best address your hairstyle for your big day? There are a variety of popular hairstyles grooms use on their wedding day to look their very best. Here are 12 of the most popular hairstyles in Dallas for men.

Mens Long Hair StylesShaved: One of the options for a popular hairstyle is just to shave your head. If you wonder if this is attractive or popular, look to beauties like Bruce Willis.

Buzz cut: Closely related to the maintenance free shaved cut, is the buzz cut. Signature of army men, the buzz cut offers a clean and attractive look for any man’s wedding day.

Caesar cut: Another popular option for your male hairstyle is what is called the Caesar cut. It is characterized by short length and a horizontal cut resembling that of Julius Caesar.

The Business Man cut: The Business Man cut is another short haircut that many men enjoy because it is low maintenance but also very conservative and formal looking. While there a variety of ways in which this look can be altered, the gist is that the hair is parted on the side and tapered in the back and on the sides.

The Fade cut: The Fade cut is another tapered hairstyle for men, and tapers up on the sides and back of the head. This one is similar to another popular style, the Flattop cut.

Faux Hawk: The Faux Hawk is certainly reserved for more informal and fun weddings but is definitely becoming more and more popular with men at the moment. It is just like a Mohawk, but the hair is just styled to look like it is shaved on the sides.

Spikes: Of the same informal effect as the Faux Hawk, the spiked hairstyle can add some fun to any wedding day. Spikes are fashioned with hair gel so that hair stands up straight. The great thing about spikes is that they can be more formal or more fun-it really depends upon the groom.

Short Back and Sides: One of the most classic hairstyles for men, both then and now, is the style that is associated with short sides and a short back, with the hair left long on the top. This is a classic but stylish hairstyle for any groom looking for a versatile haircut.

Shag: The shag is of course a tribute to the 1970s long layered style in men, and can be quite a popular and attractive cut depending on the face and style of the man wearing it. This cut requires longer hair-at least below the ears-and is an alternative look to many formal haircuts used for groom’s wedding hairstyles.

Bowl Cut: Another alternative option for a wedding hairstyle is the bowl cut-also signature of a retro style. The bowl cut is characterized by long sides, back, and front-picture a bowl being upside down and placed on your head.

Layered: More and more fashionable men are also choosing to have their hair layered for their wedding days. Layers come in short and long styles depending on what look you are seeking, but cannot also define the man’s face well but also add a fashionable flair to his ensemble.

Burr: The burr is closely related to the buzz cut and is closely cropped, but not necessarily as short as a buzz cut. It offers the same low maintenance but professional look for any wedding day.

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